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Day 2 of Renovation – Tile Shopping

Seems like everything is going to be on fast forward now that i’ve got my keys to the new casa. Months of saving photos of home decor ideas on my iPhone and on Pinterest have finally culminated in actually physically picking out each individual element of my house! Today, my and the team from Cyrus Creation went to pick out tiles for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen area.

The staff at Hafary were so super helpful assisting me and being patient with my fickle-mindnesses. But resistance was fu-TILE. hahah! I was on a mission and majorly excited about this first task on my 6 week renovation project. It seemed like it was going to be a challenge to make a decision. Who knew there were so many different kinds of tiles to choose from! Even tiles that look like brick and wood!! I was spoilt for choice.




In the end, I decided, on the advice of my designer Axcel Yeo, to simplify the selection. He said that because both my bathroom and toilet is small, selecting one single patterned tile for the walls and the floor will create a sense of uniformity and spaciousness. I had been struggling to find tiles for the wall and then a different tile to match for the floor. I won’t show you the tiles I eventually selected. You’ll have to wait for the final reveal when the bathroom, toilet and kitchen is finally done! Meanwhile, check out these beautiful tiles below.



As you can imagine, I was in tile heaven. It seemed the more tiles I saw, the more confused I got about what I wanted. Thankfully, I had, long before this renovation process, set my mind on the colour scheme for the whole house – white, black and grey – playing only with textures, furniture and decorations to add depth, style and splashes of colour to the monotoned background. So even though the search was narrowed, it still took all of 90 minutes to decide on three different tiles for the three sections of the house within the colour scheme and design. These designs below are so nice that I almost veered away from the plan!

TIP!!! Another reason why hiring an interior designer is a wise choice – they not only keep you in check and reign you in if you go off track too much, they make sure you stick to your budget and your schedule. It is so easy to get lost in emotion or lost in the maze of tiles at Hafary!!



Tiles get done on Wednesday 18 May together with bathroom and toilet fixtures.
Guess this Queen needs to go THRONE shopping next. heheh!





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