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"Cheryl is hands-down, my favourite radio DJ of all time. Thank you for giving us endless smiles, Ms. Miles." - Dianna Lane, a 91.3FM fan


"Cheryl's high energy never fails to excite the crowd. She wins the crowd over with her wit and charm." -Kelvin Wong, Dynamite Productions

Voice Talent

"It's always a joy to record Cheryl! She's versatile enough to do a variety of different tones to suit different styles." - Zoë Tan, Audio Engineer


The Keys To My Brand New Life…

It was 12 May 2016 at 3.20pm, a Thursday, when I got the keys to my very first home. It was over so quickly – in stark contrast to the long, arduous journey it took to get here. I signed about 5 different documents, bought the mandatory HDB fire insurance and topped it up with full coverage for the next 5 years for an additional $300 something.

Damn. I think this officially makes me a grown-up.

There were TWO moments in this exciting yet blurry exchange that got me all emotional. One was when the sellers passed me the set of keys. They tried to explain which key was for what window/door in the house and all I could do was look up at them with big, happy eyes welling up with tears. As of now, these are MY keys to MY house.

Finally, a home the Big Bad Wolf cannot barge in, huff and puff and blow down.


The second emo moment was when I was given the HDB document that read, “We are pleased to confirm that you, Cheryl Sabrina Miles, have purchased the above flat as SOLE-OWNER with effect from 12/05/2016”.

SOLE-OWNER baby. Oh yeah. Sole. Owner.


My family moved around alot when I was a child. I’ve lived in Sarawak, Jakarta and Texas – all before I turned 10! It was mostly a happy childhood that came to a tumultuous and abrupt end. Nonetheless, it taught me how to be resourceful, how to adapt to situations and people and, in the face of so many changing circumstances, forced me to define who I am and who I want to become.

It has made me who I am today.
So for that I am grateful.


These keys represent so much more to me than mere keys to a new home. They are my stability for a future yet to unfold. They are my investment in myself and my potential that I haven’t truly and fully tapped into.

But most of all they are the keys to a foundation that no one can move, shake or take away from me.

No man. No parent. No lover. No foe or friend.


The only person who can disappoint me now is myself.
And that ain’t gonna happen.


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