Radio Diva

"Cheryl is hands-down, my favourite radio DJ of all time. Thank you for giving us endless smiles, Ms. Miles." - Dianna Lane, a 91.3FM fan


"Cheryl's high energy never fails to excite the crowd. She wins the crowd over with her wit and charm." -Kelvin Wong, Dynamite Productions

Voice Talent

"It's always a joy to record Cheryl! She's versatile enough to do a variety of different tones to suit different styles." - Zoë Tan, Audio Engineer


Day 1 of Renovation – Demolition Day

Friday the 13th. What a dramatic day to tear down walls, smash foundations, strip things bare and start over. Metaphorically and literally.

And so, it has begun. Counting down 6 weeks to the big move on the 28th of June 2016.

For the last two years and some months, I have been renting a lovely, spacious 3 bedroom flat in the trendy Tiong Bahru area. It’s been an exciting adventure! I shall savour every single day that I have left in this apartment that has been the perfect half-way house for my transition into owning my VERY OWN HOME. OMG.. I still can’t believe it.

Let these walls come tumbling down!



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