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Day 7 of Renovation – Getting SMASHED!

This 3-room HDB flat was built in 1982 and while I love how much bigger the bedrooms are compared to some of the newer flats BUT the living room is small & narrow and also there is very little space for the dining area.

What’s the point of buying a flat on your own as a single & fabulous woman and not have the space for loads of dinner parties, game nights, jam seshes and parties? (sorry neighbours).


Here’s some photos of the flat before renovation:


In Singapore, a single person (you must be 35 or older to qualify) has only two options for buying an HDB flat

  1. BTO: Built To Order flats for singles are super tiny – 45sq m. Plus the wait is about 2 years and you are limited to certain locations, mostly further away from the city centre.
  2. RESALE: More expensive (2-3 times more than a BTO depending on the market). While there are very few units that exist on the market, these resale flats are in the older neighbourhoods which are closer to the city centre. I was lucky to find this unit close to work, the MRT, convenience stores, hair salons, foot reflex centres, several nail spas and awesome hawker food.

The singles BTO is something the government recently introduced (in July 2013) to cater to the growing number of citizens still looking for “the one” or resigned to the fact that they never will. It is heartening to know that finally more options are being made available but it is important to find a home that YOU feel comfortable in and can afford.

For me, a 45sq m 2-room flat, seemed more like a “spinster’s abode” than a “Super Single’s Sanctuary”!! So I opted for an old “granny flat” with as little renovation done to it so that I could come in with a wrecking ball and do it up the way I like. My own little bachelorette pad to suits my needs, my style and my life.

So here’s what we did. We broke down the walls between the bedrooms and the kitchen walls too to create openness and space. I’ve always wanted an unencumbered area to do my yoga and post-run stretches with a full length mirror. I’ve also always wanted a workspace, that isn’t in my bedroom, where I could look out of a window and dream and create. A large enough kitchen to cook my healthy meals for myself and dinner parties for friends. These are important details to share with your Interior Designer so that he can plot these areas out for you based on the space you have and the things you want to do in them. Axcel Yeo from Cyrus Creation has been a godsend. He understands my vision too.

3D mockups of my design….


Can’t wait to show you all what it looks like when it’s done. For now it’s all rubble.


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