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4 Reasons To Invest in Your Bathroom

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE HOT showers. A bubble bath is a luxurious way to relax too, if that’s your thing, but I get bored unless I have a book with me, music and a glass of wine. It starts off all well and good, until the struggle to NOT get my book wet or drown my speakers becomes real and the knowledge that I’m sitting there soaking in my own dirty bath water starts to sink in. Maybe I just have a short attention span.

But hot showers – oh boy, I can stand under it for 20 minutes and just let the water pour down, turning every tense muscle into mush at the end of a long day. Not very eco-friendly wasting all that water, i know, but i digress.

I had been renting for about 3 years before getting my house and the water heater in those flats were not sufficiently steamy hot, unlike the kind of rain shower experience you get at the gym or the spa. I knew that when i got my own place, creating my ideal bathroom was high on my priority list.

So here’s my 4 reasons I invested in my bathroom.

  1. A GOOD WATER HEATER: Apparently, hot showers in HDB flats are not always achievable due to the water pressure of the building and type of water heater you buy. I wanted a rain shower in my bathroom and was advised that the best way to get stronger water pressure was to invest in a storage tank water heater. I went for the Ariston Andris Lux -available in 15 and 30 litres. It has improved the strength of the water pressure although it still can’t compare to the ones that are so strong, it feels like the jets of water needles could pierce your skin. Alas, this is due to the water pipes in the building. I still love it though. The 15L tank that i got means, if i was to be really indulgent and wasteful, i could take a 30 minute shower and have enough hot water to last. (By the way, hot showers are great for several reasons. To relieve stiff muscles, open the pores on your skin and get really clean, the steam helps loosen phelgm if you’ve got congestion. Hot showers is also a natural sedative. All of the above, helps with my chronic insomnia.)  img_1604
  2. STYLISH TILES: If you are wondering, I bought a 65sq m 3i HDB. They don’t make apartments in this layout anymore. The bathroom and toilet areas are separated and the bathroom sink is outside in the kitchen area. It’s a rather odd layout but I thought one way to make it work and create the illusion of space was to stick to a simple and clean colour palette. I went with grey, black and white and then played with different shades of grey and different textures. In the toilet, I went for sleek grey “marble” tiles. I really wanted to create a cocoon-like bathroom where I could just destress after work or a hard work-out at the gym, so I chose these tiles from Hafary (they have an AMAZING range of designer tiles) for it’s “natural rock garden” kind of feel. I used the same tiles for the floor as the wall. I felt that using two separate tiles would break the space and make it seem smaller. Using the same tiles also helps create a homogenous and cosy atmosphere.
  3. SLEEK BATHROOM FIXTURES: I wanted my little house to be stylish and space-efficient, and that design philosophy extended to my bathroom area too. Thankfully, my interior designer Axcel Yeo had the same vision! I felt using squarish/rectangular shapes would create a nice streamlined look throughout. My rain shower has squarish pipes (instead of rounded ones) and a square shower head. And my sink is square (ok more of a rectangle if you wanna be technical) as well, which allows me to stand things in there, if need be. I have storage space for laundry detergent underneath the sink and my toiletries are kept above in a mirrored cabinet. All bathroom fixtures and lights were bought at Balestier Road at a one-stop-shop called Azora. Some home-owners prefer to scour around several shops for the best deals. I found everything i needed here, which is a great place to shop if you have as busy a schedule as mine. The staff are friendly and professional and provide top-notch after sales service.PS: i used warm yellow lights in the bathroom as it’s less harsh on the eyes and white light in the toilet as it’s more functional.
  4. PERSONALIZE YOUR SPACE: To finish off the look for both my bathroom and toilet areas, I used plants. (latest update: The plants have all died. I have to work on my green thumb.) I also got lots of small glass shelves installed so that I could put aromatherapy and candles to level up the relaxation quotient. Put some fun books in the toilet! I love these trivia books i found while on holiday in Australia – “Learn on the Loo” and “The Life of Poo”.

This apartment is about 30 years old, so renovating it and replacing the tiles was a matter of hygiene as well. I think it’s important to start and end your day right and spending a little bit more on your bathroom/toilet is a worthy investment if it helps you manage your stress and face the day feeling refreshed.

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