Radio Diva

"Cheryl is hands-down, my favourite radio DJ of all time. Thank you for giving us endless smiles, Ms. Miles." - Dianna Lane, a 91.3FM fan


"Cheryl's high energy never fails to excite the crowd. She wins the crowd over with her wit and charm." -Kelvin Wong, Dynamite Productions

Voice Talent

"It's always a joy to record Cheryl! She's versatile enough to do a variety of different tones to suit different styles." - Zoë Tan, Audio Engineer


Day 2 of Renovation – Tile Shopping

Seems like everything is going to be on fast forward now that i've got my keys to the new casa. Months of saving photos of home decor ideas on my iPhone and on Pinterest have finally culminated in actually physically picking out each individual element of my house! Today, my and the team from Cyrus...
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Day 1 of Renovation – Demolition Day

Friday the 13th. What a dramatic day to tear down walls, smash foundations, strip things bare and start over. Metaphorically and literally. And so, it has begun. Counting down 6 weeks to the big move on the 28th of June 2016. For the last two years and some months, I have been renting a lovely, spacious 3...
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The Keys To My Brand New Life…

It was 12 May 2016 at 3.20pm, a Thursday, when I got the keys to my very first home. It was over so quickly - in stark contrast to the long, arduous journey it took to get here. I signed about 5 different documents, bought the mandatory HDB fire insurance and topped it up with full coverage for...
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